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[info]iam_the Amita Ramanujan of LJ & I am the Lauren Graham of LJ @ [info]iam_lj


If you feel we have the same interested then I most probably will friend you so leave a comment here :)

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So is anyone else having problems with writing posts in Dreamwidth? I can't select rich text and can't use return/enter to make a new line in either LJ r DW
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So since Jan I have lost 14 lbs. I joined a gym in Feb and actually use it! It was meant for classes but I haven't been to one yet, I'm no longer scare to use the gym, it's a small one, never too busy and no-one really cares!
Weight isn't falling off as I really need to get into the healthy eating and sticking to my calories. I can have weeks of good eating then eat crap for a week :( I aim to loose 22lb by Sept then be down to 8st ish by December. I am going to start doing Insanity really soon, if you don't know what this is go check it out on youtube, it is mad!


Apr. 27th, 2013 04:59 pm
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So I have an account with Dreamwidth but I have only made one post and that was in Jan 2012. Do people use it more than here? Isn't it just the same company, I mean everything is the same.
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So I've been away for mouths :( Uni is going ok, just passing my assignments but only need 40% overall to be able to do the exams. I have 2 in June and 1 in October. I have 1 more year to go till I've finally finished my degree, then it's on to ODP training so I'll be working in theatres will all the blood! What is it with US tv shows that keep having season breaks, half the time there is nothing else going on, I can understand thanksgiving and christmas etc. Work it fine, it's bearable just wish I was working in theatres. The US holiday is coming along great, so far have Dover + NYC hotels books as well as flights, Dover NASCAR weekend tickets and a NY Yankees vs SF Giants game, only need trains and washington hotel. Bring on September, it is going to be great! Oh I'm on a new laptop with windows 8 wjich is really annoying my with the whole swipe to switch apps stuff so I just had to turn it off, also not sure if it's my laptop or livejournal which isn't allowing my to break all this text up. Sorry guys.
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  • Have a flat viewing today going on in our block, the landlord clearly doesn't care who he rents to. Students (most seemt to be), benefits, stupid people - don't stand in front of a door that is CLEARLY in use! I don't want anymore bloody kids living here especially English ones as they will be 'heard' & 'seen' where as the Polish (I think) kid next door you never hear (didn't know he existed for months), the Indian one you never hear and the Polish kid across you never hear (again didn't know there was one to start with).
  • A woman clearly cut in line in Sainsburys while we were waiting and next in line on self-service, also the guy with his kid had practicly pushed in front too so we just went straight to the next available till regardless.
  • Kid on way out was clearly in the way but her mother didn't ask her to move even when she got hit by a trolley and our bags.
So yes the rest of the human rest (well not all of them) make me stressed and I start shouting!!!! I need to chill out with a beer!
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People give me tv shows I should be watching, I need something new to watch.

I currently watch:

Castle | L&O SVU | CSI Vegas + NY + Miami | Private Practice | Parenthood | Alcartaz | Smash | NCIS + LA | Unforgettable | Criminal Minds

I've tried The Grims but couldn't get into it the same with American Horror Story. I hate Glee & UK shows, I used to watch House & The Good Wife but not so much anymore.
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so sharing sites are being closed down :( megaupload has gone as well as i think the site where i watch my shows. what about the none copyright stuff that needs tranfering?


Jan. 18th, 2012 10:23 pm
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Does anyone actually use it? It's a copy of LJ
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I live in London, work as a HCA in a hospital, a wannbe possible student nurse, dancer, ice skater oh and Open Uni student studying Health & Social Care. I love musicals & American TV but can't stand most UK stuff. I have opinions on everything & hate kids.

I've had this journal since the site openned but forgot about it. I shall now try and use it more often.

Oh I'm also a volunteer for the London Olympics.
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There was a group started for K101 called 'K101 October 2011' I thought by the title it was for students starting the course then, but people already on it joined. Fine as it's nice to talk about what will be involved etc. As the course hadn't started yet people where just chatting getting to know everyone and that is fine to a degree. People agreed with me (or I agreed with them) that asking people to vote for this or that and turning the group into a chit chat place was a bit too much, getting to know each other is fine. Anyways an argument started (I kind of stayed out of it)  saying it''s a social network etc and the one's who wanted to chat about anything at all started a new group called 'K101 rebels' or something like that I never went near it, then the original creator of 'K101 October 2011' left the group completely, then the rebel group disappeared. Someone tryed to start a forum which in my view would have been better as you can section it and have chatty areas but the same people who wanted to chat didn't want that but people started setting up region fb groups (regions based on where you are in the UK) which was pointless if people didn't like to forum idea. Not many people were involved with the whole argument so it quickly vanished and everyone got on with talking about the course.
Fast-forward to a few days ago when another OU fb group 'K260 Feb 2012', which was started by some from the other group, changed it's name to 'K260 rebels'! Of course I asked why. The person who created the group was given a suggestion by someone who was involved with the whole K101 rebel group and the creator had no idea about the argument on the other group. Of course an argument started with me trying to explain that the name change was pointless as most people will have no clue why it's called rebel, people won't join, rebel only started due to the other group etc. I was told it was nothing to do with the other group which again makes it pointless, what makes it a rebel group?
I promtly left the group and will join a different one near the time of the course starting.

Oh and this one person posted that they were 'pissed off' on fb and went on to complain about me in the comments. I posted something and she deleted it lol


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