alifetimetowait: (Default)
2013-04-26 05:19 pm

hello again...

So I've been away for mouths :( Uni is going ok, just passing my assignments but only need 40% overall to be able to do the exams. I have 2 in June and 1 in October. I have 1 more year to go till I've finally finished my degree, then it's on to ODP training so I'll be working in theatres will all the blood! What is it with US tv shows that keep having season breaks, half the time there is nothing else going on, I can understand thanksgiving and christmas etc. Work it fine, it's bearable just wish I was working in theatres. The US holiday is coming along great, so far have Dover + NYC hotels books as well as flights, Dover NASCAR weekend tickets and a NY Yankees vs SF Giants game, only need trains and washington hotel. Bring on September, it is going to be great! Oh I'm on a new laptop with windows 8 wjich is really annoying my with the whole swipe to switch apps stuff so I just had to turn it off, also not sure if it's my laptop or livejournal which isn't allowing my to break all this text up. Sorry guys.