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There was a group started for K101 called 'K101 October 2011' I thought by the title it was for students starting the course then, but people already on it joined. Fine as it's nice to talk about what will be involved etc. As the course hadn't started yet people where just chatting getting to know everyone and that is fine to a degree. People agreed with me (or I agreed with them) that asking people to vote for this or that and turning the group into a chit chat place was a bit too much, getting to know each other is fine. Anyways an argument started (I kind of stayed out of it)  saying it''s a social network etc and the one's who wanted to chat about anything at all started a new group called 'K101 rebels' or something like that I never went near it, then the original creator of 'K101 October 2011' left the group completely, then the rebel group disappeared. Someone tryed to start a forum which in my view would have been better as you can section it and have chatty areas but the same people who wanted to chat didn't want that but people started setting up region fb groups (regions based on where you are in the UK) which was pointless if people didn't like to forum idea. Not many people were involved with the whole argument so it quickly vanished and everyone got on with talking about the course.
Fast-forward to a few days ago when another OU fb group 'K260 Feb 2012', which was started by some from the other group, changed it's name to 'K260 rebels'! Of course I asked why. The person who created the group was given a suggestion by someone who was involved with the whole K101 rebel group and the creator had no idea about the argument on the other group. Of course an argument started with me trying to explain that the name change was pointless as most people will have no clue why it's called rebel, people won't join, rebel only started due to the other group etc. I was told it was nothing to do with the other group which again makes it pointless, what makes it a rebel group?
I promtly left the group and will join a different one near the time of the course starting.

Oh and this one person posted that they were 'pissed off' on fb and went on to complain about me in the comments. I posted something and she deleted it lol


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