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All along I have been teling Keith that he was never going to become the named tenant of the property we are currently in.
Last night his sister (the named tenant) phoned up drunk (as usual) to find out about our move etc saying that mark would be homeless once we move out. He can't live with Sarah permenantly for god know what reason (either benefits or her parents) so he plans to spend 3 days a week at hers, he is currently at his sisters. Anyways Mags said she is going to the housing association next week to put Mark as lead tenant so he can take over once the property has been in her name for 12 months (June 2011). This place has 3 beds meaning you need 3 single people to live here, 2 singles + a couple, adult + 2 kids of different sexes etc. Anyways on his own he wouldn't get to keep the house so his sister is planning on moving in with her husband. I still think that the property will be underoccupied.
They can keep everything in the house as we want a new start so are buying kitchen stuff new other than toaster, kettle and microwave.
Looks like Marks never going to live with his girlfriend as once he's moved out he has screwed his sister over.
Oh when Keith told Mags why he was leaving - wiring, heating, decoration, area etc she was all 'if you'd told me we could have done something about that by now'. Actually no you wouldn't have. When Mark moved in in August he had ideas for the garden but wanted us to pay for it, he kept saying we would get new doors but we didn't, he went cleaning mad untill all the cleaning products that we bought finished. The whole place needs a paint but none of this we were willing to do as we had no plan of staying very long. Mark took down the wall paper in his room and did nothing else to it, he has NO money so none that he is will to spend on anything other than drink etc.
Once we have moved out he will have to start paying for the place, we are paying no more, he might not get any help as the council know Mags is married and her husband makes too much for her to claim anything. So I'm not sure if us moving out will affect that. He has to set up a new account for the utiliities, phone and TV, everything goes off the day we move. His sister will start paying once she's moved in but she has to give notice where she is now. As Mags isn't taking her name of the tenant agreement yet we can move out at anytime and we don't have to pay anything.


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